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Q: Where is your sale?

A: We are located at the Old Settler's Association  just 2.6 miles East of IH-35 in Round Rock, next door to the Dell Diamond Baseball Park.

3300 Palm Valley Blvd.
Round Rock, Texas

Q: Do you have to pay to park?

A: No. Parking is free and there is plenty of it.

Q: Do you provide shopping bags?

A: Yes!  We IKEA bags for you to use at the sale.  We also offer them to you to purchase at the register.  Many shoppers love to bring their own bags, laundry baskets, etc. to shop.  Please remember that wagons and strollers are not allowed on Wednesday at the presales, but they are allowed ever other day. 

Q: How do I know that toy items purchased will in fact work?                                                   

A:Our consignors sign a waiver that all items are in good working order and free of any recalls.  We do have a testing station at the sale where we encourage you to test your items before checking out as an added safety measure.

Q: Do you have to pay to shop?

A: There are only 2 times that will cost you admission:

  1. Prime Time Shopping:  If you want to shop before the public on Wednesday during the exclusive presale you can buy a prime time shopping pass for $10. 
  2. 1st Public Shopping Day: On Thursday when we open to the public there is a $5 admission fee, but if your on our email list we will send you a coupon to get in for FREE.  Click here to sign up. All other public shopping times are free. Bring a friend and tell them to get on our mailing list too for their FREE pass!  *Insider Secret* We also post FREE passes on our Facebook that you can use, print, or share.

Q: What is the half price sale?

A: Our consignors can choose to reduce their items to 50% off on Saturday. Most consignors choose to do this since they want to sell their items. Those items will be marked (without a star) for reduction so it's clear which ones are half price all day Saturday.  (remember: NO star = 50% off!)  *Insider Tip* Shop the public 1/2 Price Presale Friday evening from 5pm-7pm for the best deals!

Q: Do you take credit cards?

A: Yes. We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard and Discover

 Q:  Can my children come shop with me?

A:  At any time we are open to the public, children are welcome!  Please come prepared because there are TONS of shoppers and sometimes the line to check out gets long.  We do not have food concession sales open in the event.  *Insider Secret* If you can try to have someone watch the kids.  Most parents find that they can concentrate and find better deals without the little ones help.  The only day children are not allowed is Wednesday during the presale.  Infants that are worn and under the age of 1 are allowed during this presale.

Q:  How often do you have this sale?

A:  Twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

Q: How can I shop earlier?                                       

A: Team Members shop first . The more you help, the earlier you shop. Our consignors shop next along with a friend. We also have special presales for First Time Parents, First Time Grandparents, Adoptive Parents, Foster Parents, Military, and Teachers! Pre-registration is required and passes sent via email.

Q.  How do you accomodate persons with disabilities?

A.  Pursuant to the American with Disabilities Act, should you need accommodation in order to fully participate in our Just Between Friends Sale, please contact Bridget at 254-563-5311 or bridgetjones@JBFSale.com.


Q: How does consigning work at JBF?

A:  You decide how much you want to sell your items for, prepare the tags on our free and easy tagging website, bring them to the sale and put them on the selling floor, and we do the rest. We provide all of the racks and tables to hang and display your items, do the advertising, sell your items, and send you a check about 2 weeks after the end of the sale.  JBF is able to pay you 60% on your items that sell (70% if you also volunteer for a minimum of 4 hours and 80% if you are invited to be a Team Leader). There is a $10 consignor fee that will be deducted from your check before we mail it to you.

Q: Who is eligible to consign?

A: Anyone can consign with JBF! It's easy! Once we open registration for our event, you can sign up as a consignor. Check out the "Sell" page. It has all the info you need to consign with us! 

Q: What are the consignor percentages?

A: Consignors make 60% of your sold items (a $10 consignor fee will be deducted from your check to help cover the expenses of the event). If you volunteer during our sale, you make an extra 10% on your items.  We have special Team Leaders who are very dedicated to JBF and even make at least 80% and get a private shopping time.

Q: What types of hangers do you accept?

A: We accept plastic or wire hangers but do require that children's clothing sizes 0-6 be on children's hangers. Sizes bigger than that should be on adult hangers.  Be sure they are in the shape of a question mark(?).

Q: How do I price my items?    

A: Think bargains, bargains, bargains! In this economy, shoppers are savvy and are searching for the best value for their money.  When pricing, a good rule of thumb is to think, "What would I be willing to pay for this item?" Your items are competing with other similar things so you want to give the consumer a compelling reason to buy your stuff!

Q: What do you accept at your Spring and Fall event?

A: Click HERE to see a comprehensive list of what is acceptable during each season's sale.
EXCEPTION - Maternity section is all-season. And, of course - toys, equipment, furniture and larger items always sell the best!

Q: Can someone else drop off my stuff or pick it up for me?

A: Yes. As long as they have your information with them (Name, address, cell phone, consignor number, etc.) We will also need their name at drop off to write on your consignor waiver for pick up.  Remind them that they will need their ID for pick up.  For safety reasons we will NOT release your items to anyone without an ID for pickup.

Q: What if I say I'm going to pick up my items after the sale, but then decide later I want to donate them.

A: No problem! If you don't pick up your items during the specific Pick Up time, your items will automatically be donated to our charities. They will appreciate it!

Team Member FAQs:

Q: Can I help if I only have a few hours?

A: Yes! We have shifts with as few as 4 hours of time! *BONUS* Unlike other sales JBF offers the extra 10% to every Team Member who joins us for a minimum of 4 hours! Woohoo!

Q: What if I can’t lift anything too heavy?

A: That’s OK. There’s still lots of stuff you can do! Just go to the volunteer scheduler to see all the ways you can help!

Q: Can I bring my kids with me to volunteer?

A: No. No kids allowed for safety purposes. 

Q: What if I'm a nursing mom?

A: We can provide you a private place to pump during your time with us.  Please contact us so that we can make sure we make sure you are comfortable and taken care of. There are other ways to shop early without having to volunteer your time during the sale. You can barter for a presale pass. Check the volunteer schedule for options. 

Q:  Do I need to consign to be a Team Member?                 

A:  Yes, we do require that all team members are also selling with JBF.

Q: How does the Presale work?  

A: Your Presale shopping time is determined by the total number of hours you are helping for each sale. The more you help, the earlier you shop! We also invite all Consignors to shop the presale as well as special (and registered) First Time Parents, First Time Grandparents, Adoptive Parents, Foster Parents and Teachers to join us!

Q: When will I get my Presale Pass?                   

A: Team Member passes will be distributed at consignor drop off.


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Tips from Consignors around the US:

“I’m glad I sold my items with Just Between Friends. I made way more than I would have at a garage sale. I mean, WAY more! Love it!” Charlene in California

”I love My JBF Tags, the tagging site. It makes it so easy for me to keep track of all my items and I can check in each night to see how they are selling!” Suzanne in Oklahoma

"If it's an unused item or still has the tags on it, I always start my tag description with the word: **NEW**.....then follow with description. Draws attention to the reason why it might be priced a little higher." Denise in Texas

“What’s my secret to higher sales? Febreze and Wrinkle Releaser. It’s amazing how great fresh smelling clothes sell! A little squirt and all my things smell super clean.” Jody in Maryland

Did You Know...

Just Between Friends has a safety and recall specialist on staff? We know how important safety is to you—and it’s important to us, too! You can shop knowing we make every effort to keep our sales floor stocked with items that are safe.