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Teachers, Military, Foster Parents, First Time Parents, and First Time Grandparents

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This is typically our busiest presale.  Want to skip all the crowds? You can do 1 of these options:

  1. Join our team and shop an earlier time as a Team Member.
  2. Shop during Prime Time (1 hour earlier!) at 6pm for $10. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE EARLY & SAVE!

1st Time Parents and 1st Time Grandparents
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

  1. You may only attend the JBF Georgetown First-Time Parent or Grandparent Presale one time. In other words, if you joined us last season, you may not shop this Presale.
  2. To qualify as a first time parent or grandparent, you must be expecting your first child or your first child must be 12 months or younger. If you are an adoptive parent waiting for your adoption to come through, you also qualify!
  3. Each First-Time Parent is allowed to bring one guest with them. The guest does not need to register.
  4. The deadline to register for the upcoming sale's First-Time Parent Presale is Wednesday, October 14 2015.
  5. Please print your confirmation email once you've registered (or show email confirmation on your smartphone). This will be your Presale Pass when you come to the event. You may line up as early as you like but your shopping time will not start until 7pm. Please note that we do not have chairs available in line and the line can be long.
  6. If you are a nursing mom, you must wear the baby on you in a sling, carrier, wrap, etc.. We will not allow strollers, wagons, or infant carrier (car seats) at the Presale due to space.  This is a safety precaution.


Teacher, Military, and Foster Parent Presale
Wednesday, October 14, 2015

  • All public and private school teachers are invited to join us for a special shopping time for you!  We even allow daycare teachers to shop this special presale! Please bring your teacher ID or paystub with you - this will be your Presale Pass. Unfortunately, because we have hundreds of shoppers at Presale, we cannot allow you to bring a guest with you (unless, of course, they are another teacher and can show their ID or paystub.). Also, please remember no kids or strollers are allowed at Presale.
  • Members of the military or military spouses can shop during this presale with an ID.  Because of the size of this presale we cannot allow you to bring a guest.
  • Foster parents must show the proper paperwork to show documentation.

Come prepared for lots of great bargains and expect a crowd. If you would like to avoid the crowd, consider helping at the sale for as little as 4 hours or come to the Prime Time Presale to get in earlier!  See our Full Sale Calendar for all of the dates and times.

We have complimentary bags for you to use while you shop but must be returned at checkout so please come prepared with a laundry basket if you need to. (See our "Shop" page for shopping tips.) Also bring a pen to fill out stickers if you find a large item you want to purchase. We will explain to you before you come in to shop how our system works with the stickers.


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These Tips Will Help YOU Make the Most of Your Shopping Experience at JBF!

  • Bring a laundry basket with you to help carry items while you shop. Some shoppers tie a rope to the end of their basket so they can pull it along as they are looking through the racks. We also have a hold area for your convenience and will provide you with a shopping bag (as they are available). We offer these bags at checkout for $1.
  • Wear comfortable shoes so you can get to the good deals quickly.
  • Bring your child's measurements and a tape measure to check the items you are buying.
  • Children are welcome when we are open to the public (not presale), but PLEASE use good judgment when you bring them. It is very busy and little ones may get into places they shouldn't.  If possible, ask someone to watch your kids so you can enjoy your shopping experience.
  • We are unable to allow children to play with the toys at the sale. Items are the property of consignors and if they are broken or separated they cannot be sold. We try to be very careful with YOUR merchandise.
  • CLICK HERE for the Top 10 Shopping Tips from actual shoppers!