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Sunday, October 11- Saturday, October 17, 2015


TEAM MEMBERS NEEDED for all shifts!!!
Registration is OPEN!


SUNDAY, October 11
6pm Consignor and Volunteer Signup Deadline (any changes made after this time will not be accepted)

MONDAY, October 12

9:00am-4:00pm Setup


  • Valet Drop Off- Let us unload your car, go through inspection, and put your items on the floor for you for a small fee  (Book your appointment HERE)
  • Mega Consignor (300+ items) Drop Off (By appointment only. Contact us)


TUESDAY, October 13

10:00am-7:00pm Consignor Dropoff (No appointment necessary)

7:00 Closed for organization

Click here for dropoff instructions
(Remember to allow at least 1-2 hours for dropoff.)


WEDNESDAY, October 14

11:00am-1:00pm Vendor Booth Setup

EXCLUSIVE Presale (NO Children allowed except nursing infants under the age of 1, who are carried by you or in a sling/ carrier. This includes the Prime Time Shopping Presale. NO wagons, strollers, etc. for safety purposes during the presale.)

11:00-1:00 Private Presale for Team Leaders

1:00-9:00 16 Hr Team Members

2:00-9:00 12 Hr and Break Down Team Members

3:00-9:00 8 Hr and Set Up Team Members

4:00-9:00 4 Hr Team Members

5:00-9:00  Consignors who choose to donate ALL of their unsold items

5:30-9:00 Consignors and a Guest (Guest Pass Required)

6:00-9:00 *NEW* Prime-Time Pre-Sale Shopping Open to the Public $10 Admission Fee PURCHASE EARLY & SAVE! (link coming soon!) (NO Children allowed except nursing infants under the age of 1, who are carried by you or in a sling/ carrier.)

7:00-9:00 First Time Parents (expecting or adopting), First Time Grandparents, Teachers (with ID or paystub, includes public, private, or daycares), Foster Parents (with documentation) and Military (with ID)


THURSDAY, October 15

9:00am-7:00pm Open to the public
$5 Admission or FREE with Pass (Sign up on our mailing list to have one emailed to you or like us on Facebook to get your FREE pass!)

5:00-7:00 2nd Drop Off Time (no clothes or shoes can be brought to the 2nd dropoff because of time and space)


FRIDAY, October 16

9:00am-3:00pm Open To the Public
FREE Admission (come see the new items that were dropped off last night!)


3:00-3:30 CLOSED to Switch Over the Event to 1/2 Price!

3:30-4:00 Private 1/2 Price Presale for Team Leaders

4:00-7:00 1/2 Price Presale Team Members

4:30-7:00 1/2 Price Presale for Consignors and Guest

5:00-7:00 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC for the 1/2 Price Presale! (FREE admission!)


SATURDAY, October 17, 1/2 Price Sale Day! (most items will be half price)

9:00am-3:00pm Open To the Public
(1/2 Price ALL day and FREE admission!)

3:00pm-9:00pm Break Down Down

7:30pm-9:00pm Consignor Pickup *BRING YOUR ID!*

Click here for pickup instructions

All items not picked up by 9:01pm will be donated to the Texas Baptist Children's Home.  We do NOT have the capability to take any items home with us or hold the items.

Drop Off and Pick Up Information:

Please use the doors under the awning when dropping off and picking up your items.  There will not be a public entrance for the tent.  (If you are bringing large items we will give you special instructions on how to get the items out to the tent.)

Consignor Drop-Off:    

*Please allow at least 1-2 hours for drop off*

  • Monday, October 12, 4pm-8pm Valet Drop Off by appointment only.  Click here to contact us.
  • Monday, October 12, 4pm-8pm  Mega Consignors (300+ Items) Drop Off by appointment only. Click here to contact us.
  • Tuesday, October 13, 10am-7pm Consignor Drop Off (NO appointment Necessary!)

• It is always BEST to drop-off your own items and not have someone else drop off for you


  1. Sign a consignor waiver. Save time and print what you need from our printable page!
  2. Check in at the computer (be sure to have 1 of your items so we can scan you in)
  3. Have clothes and shoes inspected. 
  4. While your clothes and shoes are being inspected you will put your other items on the sales floor.  The items on the sales floor will be inspected by our organization team after drop is over. *REMINDER* If you leave an item at the sale that does not work or does not have working batteries you will have $5 taken out of your check for each item.
  5. Items that need to be sanitized will be pulled by our sanitation specialist. 
  6. Our Recal Specialist will be on site to assist you.  She will be making sure that our items are safe at JBF!
  7. Once your clothes and shoes are inspected you will go back and get them from your inspector and place them on the sales floor. 
  8. Receive your "no thank you" items and pre-sale pass on your way out (WOOHOO!)

If you are bringing large items, we cannot always guarantee that someone will be able to assist you with unloading. Please plan on bringing your own "muscle" for these items.

Pick Up of Unsold Items:

*Please allow at least 30 minutes for pick-up, but we usually get you out in less than 10 minutes!  (We are AWESOME!)*

• Saturday, October 17, 2014 from 7:30pm-9:00pm (ID is required at pick up)
• Tags will NOT be uploaded before pick up so there may be some items that have sold and are not showing up.
• It is required for consignors who are picking up their unsold merchandise to bring their ID to pick up their unsold items. If someone other than the original consignor will be picking up the unsold merchandise, it must be noted on the waiver when you dropped off your items.


  1. Check in at the table.  Be sure to have your ID.  We will hand you a checklist and provide you with a Team Member to guide you through the steps.
  2. Please check ALL areas in the room for your unsold items (clothing rack, tables, equipment area, missing tags, unacceptable items, etc.) *HINT* Don't tear the flagging tape or open your bagged items because this helps ensure that we know these items are yours.  If either of these are torn then the door inpsector will need to recheck ALL of your items.
  3. You may choose to donate any items at this time by giving them to a Team Member to place in the donations pile.
  4. Check out with the door inspector and leave your check out sheet with them.

*Tags will NOT be uploaded before pick up so there may be some items that have sold and are not showing up.  PLEASE do not contact JBF about missing items until AFTER you receive your check.

*Items not picked up between 7:30pm-9:00pm on Saturday, October 17, 2015 will be donated to the Texas Baptist Children's Home. The donation truck will be loaded at this time and no entrance will be given to anyone who is late. We must vacate the building at our scheduled time and it is not possible for us to take items not picked up home with us.


Directions: Need a Map?

Old Settler's Association
3300 E Palm Valley Blvd.
Round Rock, TX 78665

Google Interactive Map

Where is Old Settlers Park?

Palm Valley is located just 2.6 miles East of IH-35 in Round Rock next door to the Dell Diamond Baseball Park.  Watch for our JBF signs near the entry.


We LOVE to help and connect with you at JBF Georgetown/ Round Rock.  Please let us know how we can help!

Bridget Jones

email: bridgetjones@jbfsale.com

Call or Text: (254)563-5311

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JBFRoundRock

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